Low Income Rate Adjustment (LIRA)

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For individuals and families experiencing financial hardship, the City has a Low Income Water Rate Program.

  • Single-family residential, multifamily residential and mobile home park accounts with qualified residents shall be eligible for 20 percent reductions in water volume charges up to the equivalent of 35 service units of water per single dwelling unit in a bi-monthly billing cycle, and for 20 percent reductions in water service charges.
  • The eligibility for the City Low Income Water Rate Program is based on the eligibility by the residents for the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Pacific, Gas, and Electric (PG&E) CARE low-income program, California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE), or similar program provided by the electric utility.

  • Residents shall provide a copy of the latest PG & E billing that shows the CARE rate for the property serviced by the City water account. Residents will receive a reduction in the water volume charge rates as stated in Chapter 13.18 of the Calistoga Municipal Code.
  • For qualifying residents that reside in of Multi-family or Mobile Home Park accounts that have a common water meter or that reside in residential units that are sub-metered, the applicable reduction in rates shall be passed through to the resident, similar to the requirements of the PG&E CARE program.