Livescan/ Fingerprints

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The Calistoga Police Dept. will assist the public with providing fingerprinting services for pre-employment or licensing requirements. The Department uses a Live Scan service, which is a computer based fingerprinting system that digitally captures the fingerprints and electronically transmits them to the Calif. Dept of Justice or the FBI.

Employer Information:

It is important for employers to obtain the necessary form from the Department of Justice (BCII8016) and have it completely filled out, prior to the applicant being printed. A limited number of these forms are available at the Calistoga Police Dept. This form contains information as to the billing of the DOJ and/or FBI fees, information as to who the contributing agency is, and the type or reason for the fingerprints being submitted. Employers can also obtain a billing number from the Department of Justice instead of paying the fees at the time of service. In addition employers can obtain a mail code, assigned by DOJ for responses to be returned to them by fax or e-mail. Additional information on obtaining billing numbers, mail code numbers, or answers to other questions about Live Scan can be found at their web site: The fingerprinting cannot be started unless the form is completely filled out.

Applicant Fingerprinting Process:

  1. Please call the Police Dept. at 707-942-2810 to see if an officer is available to provide the service. If not a convenient time will be determined. Our Livescan equipment is located in our jail area and services can not be provided if there is a prisoner in custody.
  2. Prior to coming to the Police Dept., have the Request for Livescan Form (provided by the employer) completely filled out prior to responding to the Police Dept.
  3. Bring a valid photo ID, issued by a government agency.
  4. Pay the appropriate fee:
    • Calistoga City fingerprinting fee for city resident $20.00, non-resident $50.00 Always applies.
    • DOJ processing fee $ 32.00
    • FBI processing fee $ 24.00 (if required)
    • Child Abuse Central Index Check $ 15.00
    • Firearms Check $ 17.00
      Only the City fee will apply if your employer already has a billing number
      assigned by DOJ. If not, the fees will be collected at time of service and
      forwarded to DOJ.
  5. After being fingerprinted, the officer will provide you with a copy of the
    submission form with a tracking number assigned by DOJ.
  6. Your employer will then be notified by DOJ.
  7. If for any reason, your fingerprints are rejected, your employer will be notified
    and it will be necessary to re-submit the fingerprints. If you were first
    fingerprinted here, you must return here, with your copy of the previous form.