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Dispatch Services
The dispatchers at Calistoga Police Department provide a number of services to the public, the city and the department. They answer all in-coming phone calls, greeting the public and directing their call to the appropriate person or agency. They enter records of all calls for service into a computer aided dispatch system, which tracks each call to conclusion. They are responsible for the records section of the department, handling all correspondence and filing. Dispatch also manages the parking citation program, being the liaison between the city and a private firm that processes parking citations.

The Calistoga Police Department is a Primary Answering Point for all 911 calls placed in the City. 911 Calls for Police, Fire, or Medical assistance are all answered by a dispatcher at Calistoga Police Dept.. The 911 system is an "enhanced" system, giving it the capability of bringing up the address and phone number of the person calling. This feature is used to make sure that assistance will arrive, even if the caller is unable to speak into the phone. The Calistoga Police Department has added equipment that will enable the dispatcher to communicate with the deaf.