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Recent threatening phone scams claiming to be 911

Residents of Calistoga have reported receiving various scams over the years. Recently, a new scam has appeared to start targeting local residents. This particular scam has been in use for several years. The victim receives a phone call from a number that has a 911 prefix, or is from a subject claiming to be from 911. The caller threatens the victim by saying that the victims Alien Registration Number is out of status and that the caller is from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Office (USCIS). The caller may also claim the victim has an outstanding warrant and will threaten to send the police department if the call is disconnected. After engaging the victim in a long discussion, the caller will tell the victim that the situation can be taken care of by sending money through a money transfer via Western Union. The caller may also ask the victim to transfer money in different ways, such as having the victim buy money PAK cards from local gas stations.  The victim is asked to scratch the number behind the card and read it to the scammer, allowing the scammer to transfer the PAK card money to a separate account.

* THIS IS A SCAM - Please DO NOT call 911 back, call the business line of your local Law Enforcement Agency if you receive any phone calls of this nature. Calistoga Police Department can be contacted at 707-942-2810. Napa County Sheriff Department can be contacted at 707-253-4509.

* A person will generally not receive a call from 911, unless they called 911 previously. Even if this were the case, the 911 operator’s phone number will NOT have 911 in the prefix.

* Any USCIS notices would be sent by mail. You will not receive a phone call directly from USCIS.

* Personnel from the USCIS would never ask you to transfer money using any money transfer methods or cards.  They would never call you and talk for hours.



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