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1. How do I get a restraining order?
2. What can I do about a barking dog?
3. 911. when should I call?
4. What should be done about domestic violence?
5. Where can I get help as a victim?
6. Resource Phone Numbers?
7. Landlord / Tenant Problems
8. What to do about a bad check

How do I get a restraining order?

A Restraining Order is an Order from the Court that restrains a person from doing certain acts that the court is prohibiting. It is a Civil Procedure, meaning that in most cases, you must submit a request to the court asking for a Temporary Restraining Order, and a date for a hearing where the Order will be made permanent. You can do this yourself or you may consult an attorney. Once an order is in effect, the police department will enforce it as a criminal matter.

Bay Area Legal Aid is available to assist seniors and low income people in obtaining restraining orders against abusive children, spouses, caregivers and others. This service is free to seniors and low income people, and there is a modest fee for others. You can reach them at (800) 551-5554. 

In serious cases of on-going Domestic Violence, a Police Officer may be able to issue an Emergency Protection Order. This is accomplished by the officer calling a Judge, who will verbally issue the order, which will be in effect until the completion of the 5th court date following the order. Before it expires, you must submit a request for a temporary restraining order directly to the court. Victims of domestic violence may also request assistance from Napa Emergency Women's Services, (707) 255-6397.

Visit the Online Self-Help Center website for additional information and forms.
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What can I do about a barking dog?

The first thing to do is call the police department. The Calistoga Police Department will respond and contact the owner of the dog. We will not tell the responsible person who made the complaint. We will ask for your name and a call back number for our records, or incase we need additional information from you. Many times the owner is unaware the dog is causing a problem for neighbors and is willing to take immediate action to correct the problem. There are a few aggravated cases where the problem continues. We ask that you call again, and we will respond back there. Each time, we keep a record of the complaints. If the problem continues, and we can document repeated calls over a period of time, the police department will ask that the City Attorney institute nuisance abatement procedures against the owner of the dog.
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911. when should I call?

911 should be used for all emergencies. When a Calistoga Dispatcher receives a 911 call, they immediately know where the call was placed from. In addition, the call can quickly be transferred to the appropriate agency, the Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, or Ambulance. The ambulance dispatcher can give life saving information over the phone as the ambulance is being dispatched. For non-emergency calls, please dial our business number, 942-2810.
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What should be done about domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is any violence between a couple who have previously had, or currently have an intimate relationship. Domestic Violence is a crime. The Calistoga Police Department takes cases of Domestic Violence very seriously. State Law mandates that officers make an arrest if the victim of Domestic Violence has any visible injuries. If there are no visible injuries, officers will encourage the victim to make a citizen's arrest for the misdemeanor crime of assault or battery. Domestic Violence is a never ending cycle in a relationship, that will not stop until someone takes action. if no action is taken, the cycle of violence will increase with intensity each time.
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Where can I get help as a victim?

The County of Napa has an excellent program called Victim/Witness Assisitance Program. They offer food, shelter, financial aid, transportation, child care, legal services and counseling to victims and witnesses of criminal acts. Any Napa County residents who has been harmed by an act of crime is eligible for these services. A representative of Victim Witness Services will act as a link between the District Attorney's Office, to keep witnesses informed about the status of their case. They also accompany witnesses to court and explain the process. The Calistoga Police Department works closely with Victim Witness Services and provides information so that they can contact you, before you ask. This is a free service, paid for by the fines of convicted criminals. If you need their services, call. Office 252-6222 or their 24 hours Hotline 258-8000.
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Resource Phone Numbers

Napa Emergency Women's Services (707) 255-6397 
Child or Parent Emergency (707) 252-1116
Child Welfare Services (707) 253-4744
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Line (707)255-2555 

Bay Area Legal Aid (800) 551-5554 
Victim/Witness Assistance (707) 252-6222
Family Court Services (707) 253-4206
Family Support Division (707) 253-4251

Napa Emergency Women's Services (707) 255-6397
Community Action Napa Valley (707) 253-6100
Sullivan Shelter (Single Men) (707) 253-4654
Smarten Shelter (Families) (707) 253-6145

Napa Walk-in Center (707) 224-4309
Family Service of Napa Valley  (707) 255-0966
Community Counseling Center (707) 226-9122 
Napa Emergency Women's Services  (707) 258-8000
Alcohol/Drug Counseling (707) 253-4721
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Landlord/Tenant Problems

Many problems between Landlords and their tenants fall within Civil Law, and cannot be resolved by the Police. Each party does have specific rights, and the Police will try to ensure that these rights are protected. Landlords cannot lock a tenant out of their home, nor can they turn off utility services in an attempt to force the tenant out. Both Bay Area Legal Aid and Fair Housing Napa Valley are available to assist with evictions, housing discrimination, unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions, and other similar problems.

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Check Fraud

If you are a victim of a fraudulent check you may file a crime report with the Calistoga Police Department. You may also seek restitution by filing a claim with the County of Napa Courts. For more detail regarding check fraud please visit the National Check Fraud Center.

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