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1953 Police Photo1953, Birleffi Motors delivering new police car, In front of Calistoga Elementary School

1953 Calistoga Elementary School, standing James Autry, Gino Birleffi, Ken Hively, ?, Ross Reeder,Ken Erwin, front, Jim Switzer, Murray Joseph, Rico Birleffi
Chief Hively with then Govenor Ronald ReganChief Hively with then Govenor Ronald Regan
1960 Inside Police Photo1960 inside Police Dept at City Hall
Jim Autry, Erv Battell; Bottom Virgil Harper, Ken Hively, Jim Switzer, and Myske ?.
1960 Outside Police Photo1960 Police Officers Christmas Basket Program
Top: Ed Taylor, ?, ?, ? , Mel Avila (Councilman), Bill McFall, Al Bartlett; Bottom: Ken Hivley, Police Commissioner Howard Butler, Santa, James Autry
1970 Police Photo1970, Roderick Hayes, Mike Thomas, Mike Dick and Bob Terry 1974 Police Photo1974; Al Zimmerman, Anthony Edwards, Jerry Gruver, Ron Gelfan, Ben Anderson, Steve Segoria, Tom Tessier, Chief Autry, Doug Neill, Mike Dick, Jack Kyle

1985 Police Department1985 in front of City Hall / Police Dept; Angelo Cobiseno, Sgt. Mike Dick, Carole Lilly, Daniel Lilly, Sgt. Doug O'Neill, Chief James Anderson, Corwin Grimm

1987 Police Department1987; Frank Cravas, Bob Wareham, Avery Browne, Greg Johnson, Angelo Cobiseno, Patti Brownfield, Dan Flores, Dwayne Lewis, and Randy Lyman. (Reserves)
1992 Police Department1992 in front of New Police Dept.
Gary Enyart, Dan Lilly, Tracy Stuart, Doug O'Neill, Jim Atkinson, Johnathan Mills, Chief James Anderson, Mike Dick
1995 Police Department1995 Seated; Lester Flynn, Tim Martin, Chief Greg Janke, Gary Enyart, Mat Freese, Standing; Sgt. Mike Dick, Sgt. Doug O'Neill, James Atkinson, Jonathan Mills
1998 Police Department1998; Front, Parking Officers Don Myers, Jerry Brewer, La Rue St Clair, Blanche Guislin, Maggie O'Fallon, Chief Janke, Dispatchers Teresa Coppock, Kim Hudson, Debbie Klapp, Jennifer Greer, Emerg Serv. Kathy Brady, Back row, Mat Freese, Doug O'Neill, Jonathan Mills, Jim Atkinson, Gery Enyart, Scott Vermillion, Mike Dick, Jim Wessner, Tim Martin, Robert Heilman, Chaplain Luke Fesseden, Dispatcher Jack Gingles.