City Manager, Director of Emergency Services

The City of Calistoga protects the lives and property of its citizens through emergency preparedness and mitigation activities. The Office of Emergency Services responds in an effective manner to emergencies and disasters, and coordinates cleanup and recovery efforts. We train citizen groups and community organizations in disaster response, so they can coordinate relief efforts in their local neighborhoods. The Emergency Services Office coordinates Calistoga City resources for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.Member of OES office at work

The purpose of the Emergency Services Program is to:

  • Establish effective preparation activities within the framework of the Emergency Plan for all elements of city government through training and education, and to encourage and educate the public on their ability to prepare for emergencies and disasters.
  • Identify areas where action may be taken to mitigate potential disaster situations, and take the lead in providing mitigation solutions to the situations.
  • Design effective response plans and practice those responses to insure appropriate action during actual emergencies or disasters.
  • Design effective recovery activities with contacts from both public and private sectors to ensure the most efficient and rapid recovery from any emergency or disaster. This includes coordination with other local jurisdictions, the County, the State, and Federal agencies for both financial and material resources.
  • Provide for the continuity of government during emergencies.

Office of Emergency Services
1232 Washington Street
Calistoga, CA 94515

Phone: 707-942-2805
Fax: 707-942-0732