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Downtown BusinessesThe City of Calistoga continues to balance country living with a progressive approach to promoting and assisting business enterprises. Our location is ideal for weekend visitors from the San Francisco Bay Area and our world-famous wineries draw international travelers from around the world.

The atmosphere in Calistoga is small-town chic - casual with a hint of elegance. The long, sunny days and warm nights during the summer season provide the ideal climate for outdoor sports, agriculture, restaurants and boutiques. The small auberges and luxurious spas, the vineyards spread out across the valley floor and the towering oak-studded hills make the area reminiscent of the Provence region of southern France.

Calistoga has approximately 7,000 permanent residents and approximately 3,000 visitors per week who come on the weekends and during the extended summer season which begins in late April and runs through the end of the wine harvest in October.

The feature on our business page this month is the new Solage Resort.

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