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CPAC Meeting

CPAC Meeting at the Calistoga Community Center

CPAC Meeting


Tuesday January 17, 2017, 5:30pm, Fairgrounds Office Building


Members Present: Rachel Melick, Kerry Eddy, Hazel Cole, Shirley Blomquist, Alf Burtleson,

Community Members Present: Sue Mauro, Kyrsta Scully, Linda Thompson, Jan Carson, Jackie Lang, Jeanne McCann Baswell, Lil Ticen, Hollis Fennen, Tegan Henry, Yvonne Henry, Stephanie Duff-Ericksen


A. Call to Order

Kerry call to order at 5:34pm


B. Public Comment

            -add swim team to agenda

            -add changes in water aerobics program

            -add CES lessons

            -both will be discussed at future meetings in addition


C. Adopting Meeting Agenda

All in favor


D. General Topics

1. Updates

-Activity Guide

-Would include summer, similar to past, more robust, smaller than 8X11, will be translated


            -Want to have businesses pay for advertising in the guide to help pay for cost

-Swim Team

            -Kevin Twohey is talking to the Waves board to see if they can run the program up here

-Kevin is very organized, would love to see a more robust program here in Calistoga than last year

            -Would need contacts to find someone else to run the program if Kevin cannot

-Would rather have a strong program in the summer and take a break than have a poor program in the summer

-All ages are allowed in lap swim-swim team is welcome to come for lap swim if they are continuously swimming

-Water Aerobics

            -The way the class is set up is causing spacing issues

            -Need to order new noodles

            -Looking to hire some more instructors to add variety

-Debbie’s swim school-liked how she stood outside the pool and the class moved around the pool, Rachel is talking with Debbie but she is expensive and may not be able to come back again

-Aqua Zumba Instructor is in vet school and will not be returning, looking to find other instructors


2. Operations

-Proposed Fees

-Early discount for season pass will be given around March and go until pool opens around April, discount will not be available after April but passes will be for sale throughout the pool season

-Anyone who buys it during the early period would receive 20% off initial cost

-Season pass will include water exercise classes, lap swim, and rec swim


-Rec department is working to hire lifeguards and will have a better idea of Spring schedule soon

-Goals for Spring Schedule: 3 days a week morning/afternoon lap swim, 3 days a week morning/afternoon water aerobics, one weekend day

-Schedule will be more limited in Spring, will open up in summer, planning to have a fall season as well


3. Programs


-Will have a few nights during summer

-Considering having water safety nights that include non-Hispanic communities as well

-Meeting with Water Safety Commission in Sonoma to learn more about their VAMOS programs


            -Working with Elementary school

            -Need volunteers to help teach the lessons, potential to meet with PTA to get volunteers

-Have been communication issues in the past between rec department, administrators and teachers, work on communication with administrators

-Voucher for $20-$25 off swim lessons and advice on what level to sign up for voucher will not include swim team, they will be advised to try out for swim team if they are advanced

-Junior lifeguard program for palisades continuation school and high school was beneficial last year



E. Committee Member Comments and Ideas for Discussion and Future Agendas

            -Swim Team

            -Water Aerobics

            -Spring Schedule


Next meeting scheduled for February 13th at 5:30 in the Community Center


F. Adjournment


Minutes were prepared by Emily Gouveia

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